How to get the most from DSLR Canon Full HD 600D

The DSLR has made a revolution in a low budget/high quality project productions. Like every camera you have some limitations and as well some great benefits. I will report the most important point you need to know about DSLR

With my new Canon 600D I can finally have my flip on screen which is very suitable 4 video shooting and as well to take a still photos down to the ground angle or upper to the shoulders. Tip: Make sure to completely cover your viewfinder when in video mode, especially if you are in external daylight or if you have back to you strong light. Then, buying the grip you will have two advantage 1)extend considerably your battery life, 2)comfortable handle and avoid screw that penetrate inside your camera when mounting up other gear.

- The interchangeable lenses is an unequaled advantage to provide every time the right visions to your Directors.
Tip: make sure you turn off your stabilization if you are recording sound as well.

- SDXC or SDHC is an other great value, due to the multitude of lap top able to read this cards model. Tip: when buy the card pay attention to the Class and read pro.costumers review, generally the best card are Class 10, but you can find some cheaper card with Class 6 that runs exactly like 10 or even better.

- The DSLR manual instruction does not inform you about bit rate of your camera, because it will change accordingly with your memory card. The best you can do is choose the fastest writing memory card you can.

- The Picture profile that Canon gives you as defaults are a strong base to start your adventure. Every one is set to a standard utilization, and Canon know how to reduce the noise.Tip: I have downloaded as well other Picture profile but I strongly suggest you to not force the parameters your to the lowest level, because even if you will use in a massive way color correction in post production, you are dealing with the pre-compressed files that come from your Canon DSLR, not a RAW files, so more adjustment you will apply,the more dramatically you are going to reduce your shooting images quality. Just stay in the middle, or if you are sure you want to warm the atmosphere, do it a bit during the shooting stage and enhance it a bit more in post production.

- About AWB and AE on DSLR Camera.
Every Camera Operator that comes from an experience of more the 10 years, would never use neither AWB or AE in the shooting mode, but I want to underline it, after watching so many videos on the WEB ,I'm addressing especially to the junior DSLR Camera Operators: using AE when light condition are changing abruptly, your Canon camera will stop shoot, and after having adjusted automatically the exposure, it will start again, producing the hole in your shooting files that I'm sure you will be definitively not like to see. Have a great visions!